D+D REAL Czech Challenge

Czech Challenge
The longest-running tournament by Relmost has been played for many years at Kunětická Hora since 2012, but in 2019 it moved to the Kaskáda near Brno, where it will write its next history.
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Czech Challenge

Tournament milestones


The Dane Andreas Harto reigned supreme over the first year of the D+D REAL Czech Challenge, managing a total of 24 strokes under par for the course. Four Czechs made the cut - Ondřej Lieser (T33), Martin Příhoda (T42), Filip Mrůzek (T58) and Rudolf Nechanický (T60).


The second Challenge Tour tournament at Kunětická Hora was dominated by the Frenchman Calmels (-22). The best of the Czech players was again Ondřej Lieser (T30) and Stanislav Matuš (T43) also battled through right until the final round. Lukáš Tintěra did make the cut but injured himself before the third round falling on stairs and left the competition on Saturday after an agonising round with 92 strokes.


Just like the year before, a Frenchman was victorious at Kunětická Hora in 2014, the title this time being taken by Thomas Linard (-19). The only Czech to this time make the cut was Lukáš Tintěra, who spiced up the tournament with a hole-in-one in return for which he was awarded a wristwatch worth a million crowns.


French dominance of Kunětická Hora was ended in 2015 by the Swedish professional Jens Fahrbring. The honour of Czech players was this time rescued by the amateur Michal Pospíšil, the only Czech player to make the cut who went on to take joint 63rd place.


France returned to its winning streak at the Challenge Tour tournament at Kunětická Hora in 2016, when Damien Perrier (-24) stepped up to claim his win. Once again it was an amateur player keeping the Czech golfing flag flying, this being Vítek Novák (T62).


First American winner, Julian Suri, reigned sixth year of D + D Real Czech Masters with result -23, and finished just one shot back to tie current record score. Only one Czech player, Jan Cafourek, made the cut and finishe T38.


The seventh year was historical in many ways. Five Czech golfers - Filip Mrůzek, Šimon Zach, Aleš Kořínek, Daniel Suchan, and Jan Cafourek, made the cut at Kunětická Hora in 2018. The best scores were recorded by Mrůzek and Zach (T25, -7), with the tournament winner being 17-year-old Korean Minkyu Kim (-20).


The tournament moved to the Kaskáda near Brno.


Turnaj byl v roce 2020 kvůli celosvětové pandemii koronaviru Covid-19 zrušen.

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