Stanislav Matuš

Petr’s golfing life changed on 24 November 2011, when the coach Ondřej Lébl told him to forget everything he had learned and to start from scratch. A year later he played his first round under par at Ypsilon and also tried his first PRO tournament thanks to the D+D REAL Czech Challenge. He joined the ranks of the professionals at the start of 2016.
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Stanislav Matuš

Golf milestones


He had a handicap of around 15 and coach Ondřej Lébl told him at that time: “Forget everything you have learned until now, we’re starting from scratch.” This was when a turning point came in his golfing career.


He also showed his face for the first time at the European Tour, first playing in an event in Russia and then in the first year of the D+D REAL Czech Masters at Albatross.


He moved from the ranks of amateur players to join the professionals.

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